tiny gold thunberg's barberry

order: ranunculales
family: berberidaceae
genus: berberis
species: thunbergii
variety: 'Tiny Gold'

First Story

2 april 2016

autumn colour 2015. 

I am generally a fan of potted plants. However there are some plants that I chose to plant directly into the ground to save me work. This dwarfed barberry is one of them. The spot I planted it is the sunniest spot in our garden, which seems to be ideal. I may eventually want to dig it out and display it in a pot. Because of the small size of this bush, I'm confident that I can dig it out easily years later without losing a lot of roots.

I'm most enthusiastic about its lime-green foliage in spring and summer. Though the autumn hue is also attractive. Its flowers are not as conspicuous as most of other varieties. So the reason for this variety is really its striking foliage.

Branches are very tight and extend not more than 5cm per year. Right now it's more or less 25cm across. It's said that it will eventually grow to be 50cm. I'm expecting this in 3 years.

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