order: poales
family: bromeliaceae
genus: ananas
species: comosus

pineapple #1

Many people don't know that pineapples can be grown from the crowns that come together with the fruits. I got to know this from my stepmother when I was still a kid. However knowing it doesn't mean I had any experience growing it myself. It's not until November 2011 that I started my first pineapple plants. There are two of them. Pineapple #1 was planted directly into the soil; pineapple #2 was first allowed to sit on top of a glass of water to set roots and was later transferred to soil. The growing tip of pineapple #2 turned brown as soon as I planted it into regular potting soil. At first I thought there's no hope for it, but then I read an article, which basically explains that it's a common practice for pineapple farmers to remove the growing tips of the crowns in order to encourage them to develop multiple side shoots. I waited at least half a year. During this time, nothing happened, but the crown was still alive. After that strange looking deformations appeared at the base of the plant, which by now have grown into new shoots that are already taller than the original crown. I find that the plants don't use a lot of water. And by the rate that they are growing, they also don't need much fertiliser. I water them once in 10 days and give them diluted fertiliser on every third watering. Pineapple #1, the one that continued to grow on the old shoot, has aready reached 50 cm in height and 70 cm in width (measurement taken on 13.12.2012). If the leaves continue to elongate, I might soon have problem getting the plants through the doors. Bright location with temperature above 15°C.

pineapple #1 at the beginning

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